Every performer will tell you that you MUST continue learning, honing, defining and even updating your entertainment skills. Quite often teens only learn the basics without understanding tone, rhythm and emotions used in different genres. So learning how to be a great TV or Radio host is different from starring in a TV drama or a teen comedy. So we bring you coaches who are versed at different aspects of entertainment including social media, voice over, Nickelodeon acting vs. Disney and how to be an Influencer. 

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BeeFreeMeTV Event

Members get an opportunity to hear from experts. (Upcoming events will be on zoom.)

The Nu Show

Members get opportunities to be in company productions.

Travel with Marsaille

BeeFreeMeTV is a subsidiary of Bee TV Inc. which is a production company and streaming TV service provider.  Members may hire Bee TV to produce their own TV show/series, short film or music video. Email Bee TV.

Shine On Butterfly Music Video

When Marsaille produced her first single, "Shine On Butterfly" we needed to keep our budget within a reasonable range, so we produced a HD quality video that fans love.


Have you heard casting directors say, "Make your own movie!"  Well, there's lot of truth in having some work vs. none at all. We're produced several projects with teens that they have used to get parts in bigger productions. For example, The Nu Show, was produced as a teen talk show similar to The Real Daytime. Each actress received Imdb credit and has since used this footage to garner national commercials and even a Disney episode. 

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