Calling All Teens.  If you are between the ages of 13-17, this is the place for you to create and share.


We are looking for the best teen creators around the world to help make BeeFreeMeTV a daily stop for teens and tweens.  As such, we’re allowing teen creators the opportunity to post their own unique video content to playlists.


You can be anywhere in the world.  In fact, we would like for the network to reflect teens (13-17) from around the globe!


To join our community, you can apply here.


Note:  Don't forget to get your parents approval. 

  • Product Reviews

    You want to offer feedback on products or services.

  • How To


    You want to help others learn how to do a specific task.

  • Vlogs

    You want to capture your everyday life, thoughts, and feelings.

  • Gaming

    You want to play, walkthrough and review new games.

  • Comedy /

    Skit Videos

    You want to provide creative comedic videos and entertaining skits.

  • Hauls

    You want to show off products, clothing, makeup or home goods – after a shopping spree.

  • Memes / Tags

    You want to make meme videos like ‘draw my life’ & ’50 facts about me’ videos.

  • Favorites / Best of

    You want to provide recommendation videos giving your advice on experiences and products.

  • Educational


    You want to educate, keep viewers informed, answer questions, and provide interesting random facts.

  • Unboxing Videos

    You want to give your reaction and initial impressions as you open a product’s box for the first time.

  • Motivational


    You want to post words, speeches, and motivational videos.

  • React 

    You want to provide react videos with a group of friends and other teens.

  • Prank Videos

    You want to submit a practical joke and social experiment prank videos.

  • Talent Videos

    You want to provide talent videos of you or your team singing, dancing, acting, etc.

  • Teen Talk

    You like to talk – you and your friends – and you want to provide talk show like content.

  • Short Film

    You’re a young filmmaker and you want to post your short films.

  • National Day Videos

    You love holidays and national days and will post short videos on the topic of the day.

  • Doing Good Videos

    You were born to see the best in others and want to post about it.

  • News Collection

    You’re a good journalist and love collecting news stories on topics that you want to post.

  • Hobbies & Try Videos

    You’ll post about your hobby – cooking, sewing, rock climbing – and things you’ll try.


Start creating!  Once approved, you may start uploading your videos to our private site.  We will review them, add opens, end cards, descriptions, hashtags, and thumbnails to make them stand out.  Once they are ready for the world to see, we'll upload them to BeeFreeMe TV.




Share them everywhere and with everyone!  The most commented and shared videos will be eligible for gifts and prizes.

And Don't Forget to Join Our Community of Creators #BeeFreeMeCreators 
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