Most teens prefer to have a friend help them with their videos.  It makes it more fun and entertaining.  But, with Covid restrictions that can be a hassle.  So, we frequently come up with ideas that help teens collaborate with other teens throughout the United States. 

  • Joining the BeeFreeMeTV has it's benefits:

  • You get to meet other teens with similar interests

  • You get planned online video tapings that we edit 

  • You gain new friends and opportunities

  • Your clout rises because of the community support

  • Your social numbers and fans increase

  • You don't have to be intimidated; you're with other teens

Teens Try Things

A cool collaboration with 8 teens from around the country. 

The Nu (Teen TV Show)

A series of videos hosted by friends like The Real Daytime.

Your own video posted to BeeFreeMeTV

Members can post their own video to the channel for more exposure.

YouTube +

YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are the best video platform to gain celebrity status. Even casting directors are searching these platforms looking for the next teen stars. But it's hard to get noticed by yourself.  That's why several SQUADS have emerged -- primarily in Los Angeles,, California.  But, what happens if you don't live here?  That's where BeeFreeMeTV can help. Join and:

  • Collaborate with other members

  • Schedule LIVES for Instagram and YouTube directly with other BFMTV members

  • Create your own virtual squad

  • Post your own videos directly onto the BeeFreeMeTV platform (Some videos also stream on the Bee TV Network)