1st streaming Video Channel where teens have a voice!

BeeFreeMeTV is a digital YouTube platform & an ON-DEMAND STREAMING NETWORK where teens have a voice, share and build community and work with other teens to produce content “for teens by teens with teens.”


We make it easy for teen creators to create and make collaborating, partnering, posting and promotion a part of our service to them – providing them with the “freedom” to be themselves.


The creator network is made up of passionate, creative and wildly entertaining teens who are dedicated to developing inspired content.


When you join us, you will be able to:

1. Become a YouTuber on our Channel.

2. Become a Producer and submit your finished films, animations, videos for our on-demand channel similar to Disney+ (we're on the same platform) and immediately increase your star status.

3. Become a Podcaster and participate in our original projects, shows and podcasts.   

The Worlds First Global Streaming Network Created for Teens by Teens with Teens to showcase their Talent to the World.

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